What Is Sadfishing?

Don't fall for sadfishing

Sadfishing. It’s the latest dark cyber trend that everyone is talking about. Studies into the phenomena have only really focused on it’s impact upon young users of social media. However it can also effect adults when dating online. Here’s everything you need to know, how to spot it and how to be prevent being sadfished…

What Is Sadfishing?

Sadfishing on social media is when someone posts a status or image about something horrible that has happened to them, or advertising that they are feeling down. Their only goal is to get attention. It’s almost like emotional blackmail. When online dating, when someone tells you their problems or issues very early on and without warning, they may be sadfishing you.

Does It Happen A Lot?

It happens quite frequently in online dating. But there are a few different reasons why, some worse than others. Some people might be genuinely trying to reach out to someone and have no one else to talk to about their sadness. They would probably only confide in you if you had been speaking for a while. So, if this is the case you have nothing to worry about. You should be as supportive as you can be and this is not sadfishing.

A sadfish. How to avoid sadfishing

What Do I Do If I Get Sadfished?

If you haven’t spoken to someone long and they jump right in with their tales of depression and sadness – be wary. It is a well known tactic used by scammers. The most common tales include the tragic death of a spouse or an ill relative. We’re not saying never believe these stories, we’re just saying that it is worth taking a step back and thinking, is it too early on in our relationship to be sharing these intimate details with each other? If you think you’re being sadfished, lend a supportive ear, reply as you would with a stranger, but don’t get too involved. Until you know the person in the real world, it’s worth keeping your distance. Also, don’t ever feel obliged to swap sad stories or experiences until you feel ready. You don’t know this person’s intention for sharing this story, so act with caution and don’t give too much away about yourself.

How Do I Avoid Sadfishing Someone?

If you need to talk to someone about your genuine sadness or bad situation, dating sites are not the place for this. No good relationship can ever be built upon guilt or sympathy alone. Negativity is also not an attractive quality. Speak to trusted family or friends or contact a helpline instead. If you find yourself making up sad stories for attention – stop! Being yourself is enough to get someone to like you and if it isn’t, they simply aren’t the one.

Sadfishing – welcome to our list of bad dating trends. For more information on dating safety you can visit our blog. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, try to find a happy one!