What Is Hyping?

It’s a tale as old as time, we all know someone who was the One but just before The One. Everybody knows that one person who was loved up for weeks with someone new, they separate and in a matter of months, they are engaged or announcing baby news! 

Justsingles Hyping Blog Post

This is called Hyping. 

Never heard of it? You might be the Hyper!

Hyping is basically warming up someone for their big show. Kind of like the guy who puts your toes in the hot bath and massages your feet before the pedicure guy. He’s the warm up guy, the one who listens to your immediate problems and deals with your indecision to pick a colour for your toes. He gets your cup of tea and magazine so that you can relax. Then the pedicure technician steps up and gets all the glory for your soft toe nails, relaxed state of mind and quietness during the tickle session.

Sound familiar?

Hyping is when someone is in a seemingly happy relationship, they grow into a new person, they get all of their woes and anxieties out of their system on their other half and then, more often than not, they ghost and move on quickly and seriously with someone they now have the confidence to commit to. 

Brutal but true!

You must have pals that thought they’d connected with someone who was slowly opening up and gaining more confidence in their relationship. Hypers are well known for making sweeping promises like getting to meet family members and summer holidays. All for it to disappear as quickly as it started. Often, these Hype relationships will be spent going through the motions of past relationships gone wrong, errors in love and promises to do better next time. It’s just that, well, this isn’t the next time they mean. This is the stepping stone and the first step in Hyping. Hypers suck out all of the confidence and gain all of the Dutch courage needed to go into the relationship they had their eye on all along.

Hyping is cruel but it happens and it is a cycle for many active daters. Think about it like this, you have been Hyped so you’re feeling low, rejected, glum; what do you do in your next relationship?

Do all that you can to:

  1. Not be Hyped again
  2. Get some much needed confidence back and feel more like yourself

Ergo, you lead to being the Hyper!
You use your next relationship to get some of your ego back. You work through the hurt and mistrust of being Hyped. Then once you feel better, you move on to someone you think is now a better match!   

Hyping happens in dating. But it’s best for you to work out whether you’ve been Hyped or you are the Hyper. It’s always best to make sure that you are considering the feelings of others and being honest to them and to yourself! But, it’s not all bad – your One could be being Hyped for you right now!