What Is Ghosting?

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Halloween may be a long way off, but ghosting is nothing to do with the paranormal. It’s a frequent trend in dating, but most people are unaware of what it is and how to react. Here’s your guide to ghosting, and why it needs to stop.

What is ghosting?

You’re talking to someone new. Everything’s going well. Then, out of the blue you’re blocked for no reason! This is ghosting. It’s when someone stops communicating with you completely for no reason. This may be in the form of blocking you or simply just never replying to you.


Does it happen a lot?

Yes it does! So don’t be concerned if this has happened to you. Some people are serial ghosters and ghost a lot of people. Modern dating has caused a massive increase in ghosting. In the past before dating websites you would have to call someone or meet up with them face to face to tell them something. Nowadays, in order to ignore someone all you have to do is block them, most of the time all it takes is the click of a button!

Why Do People Ghost?

Some people find it hard to be honest with others about their feelings. If their heart isn’t in your conversation anymore, they struggle with how to tell you this. There are of course some people who do know how to tell you it’s over but are just too lazy. The sad fact is ghosting is so easy it’s sometimes hard not to do it!

What Do I Do If I Am Ghosted?

Awkwardly, there’s not a lot you can do. Once you are blocked, or this person has decided not to reply, you can’t override this decision. The most important thing to do is not panic. You will feel sad and confused, but it’s not the end of the world. Just ask yourself – how good was this person anyway if they could do something like this?! You’re better off without them. If they come back to you at a later date with some excuse or even no excuse, act with caution – if they’ve ghosted you once, they can do it again…


How Do I Avoid Being A Ghoster?

If you’re reading this thinking, this is kind of what I do to others, then you’re not alone, but you need to change your ways. Ghosting or blocking others for no reason can kill their confidence and upset them, which I’m sure is not your intention, especially if they’ve done nothing wrong. If you’re speaking to someone and you feel like the chemistry has gone our advice is be honest. Tell them you’re just not in the right place at the moment, or you don’t feel like this is working out. Compliment them and tell them it’s not their fault, you just feel that it’s over. They may be a bit sad, but you have been completely honest and minimized negativity.

Let’s make a change today and put an end to ghosting. Obviously we do have a block button for a reason, if someone is being offensive or causing you real concern of course you should still block them. Remember – ghosting is only the act of blocking someone who hasn’t done anything wrong to you. This is the behavior we need to change. #GhostBusters


Until next time,

The Just Singles Team