What does ‘Inactive’ mean?


You may have noticed some members on the site are labelled as ‘Inactive’ or ‘Deactivated’. But what does this mean? Who are these mysterious singles and where have they gone? Here’s everything you need to know…

What is an Inactive member?

An inactive member is a person who used to have a profile but it has since been deleted.

Why would they have been deleted?

There are lots of different reasons. The person may have decided to remove their profile themselves, they may have been flagged up by our moderation team and removed or they may have made a mistake on their profile and wanted to start again.

How have they contacted me?

You may find that some of your messages were sent from Inactive members. You can tell because under their photo it will label them as Inactive, plus when you click on their profile you will get a red message saying their profile is ‘no longer available to view’. Their message was sent to you before their profile was deleted. There is no way that someone can interact with you at all after their account has been deleted.

How come I can still see them?

There is a slight delay in the complete removal of profiles. For the person who deletes – it is instant, but their winks and messages will stick around in your Inbox for anything up to 72 hours after. So if you see a message from an inactive member, just ignore it and it will soon disappear, or you can delete it yourself.

Should I be concerned?

Inactive members are nothing to worry about, they are just members on their way off the site. If you’ve been speaking to someone regularly for a while and they suddenly become inactive without any explanation, you can always contact the support team who can let you know if they left under any suspicious circumstances. But all in all inactive members are nothing to be concerned about.

So inactive members are sort of like the ghosts of JustSingles past. They can’t contact you and will very soon disappear. 

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team