“We’ve found love again, at our age!”

John and Pam

Age is just a number, as John and Pam have proved. They recently sent us their story and told us to pass on the good news to everyone! You’re never too old to fall in love. Read John’s story:

“We would love to share our story with everyone! It’s so amazing that at our age we have found love again in such a surprising way! And for it to happen so quick!!

Well here is how it all came about, I live in Jersey and Pam lives in Guernsey. (I am going to be 76 this month and Pam will be 72 in August.) On the day Pam joined the site I received her Introduction. I messaged her to say I liked her profile. I said that we had a lot in common and that I would like to form a friendship with her if she would agree. She answered within ten minutes saying she would be happy to chat.

We chatted for just a few days and got on amazingly well. I loved her smile and sense of humour, and she says she loved my personality. We couldn’t wait to meet each other, but because of prearranged appointments I could not travel to Guernsey, so we agreed that rather than wait, Pam would visit me in Jersey instead.

We laughed from the minute we met until she went back home ten days later, (should have been 6 days but she stayed longer!) Since then I have been to Guernsey and Pam has stayed with me. We just don’t want to be apart! We both get on very well with each other’s families, which is a great bonus.

Our plan is to spend the rest of our lives together, (however long that is going to be!) We plan to go travelling around Spain, France, the USA and to go cruising which we both love doing. We are so very grateful to have met on the site, and say it was the best thing we could have ever done.

So thank you so very much for the site. We hope that many more of your members get as lucky as we have been. Good luck to them all!”

Kind Regards,
John and Pam


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