“We’ve Been Inseparable Ever Since…”

mel and george

Melanie’s first date with George was a bit of a disaster… But despite the rocky start they are now ‘an item’! This story may make you change your mind about second chances…

“My name is Melanie and the chap I met is called George. We started chatting on your website and eventually our chats became more romantic.

After some persuasion, I agreed to meet him during the day, in public… Our first date was a bit like an interview and I left feeling a little unsure about whether I felt romantically attracted to him. I was very honest and told him that I wasn’t sure, but we decided to keep chatting as we’d got on well.

Soon the chats turned ‘flirty’ and George said that he’d really like to see me again. I agreed, but told him the date needed to be more fun this time! Now I knew he was a safe, decent chap, I felt more confident about meeting him in a less formal setting. So that’s what we did – and what a difference! We’ve been inseparable ever since.

He lives about an hour from me but he’s really happy to come and stay in my town every weekend. This fits in really well with our busy weekday schedules – both of which are very complicated. We are now ‘an item’ and are really enjoying everything that that involves. Thanks for your help – both of us are still amazed that we met on the internet but so far, so good.”

Mel & George xxxx

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