“We Have Electricity”

All it took was one message to start Steven and Jolanta on their path to a great romance. Here is their success story…

“We first met online in early 2015. I had never been on a dating site before and in the first week I found Jolanta. When I saw this beautiful blonde lady waving in her photo and when I read her profile I thought we could be very compatible.

Jolanta is Polish and I am English. She was living in Coventry and I in Bournemouth, so dating wasn’t simple in the beginning. We messaged and messaged in our first week and arranged to see each other the second weekend.

I booked a nice restaurant on the outskirts of Coventry. We were instantly attracted to each other and we talked and talked and talked and shared our first kiss. I am a Cancer and Jolanta a Leo, which made us the best star signs to be together. We both love the sun, music, holidays and many other things.

I already had a holiday booked to Torremolinos and asked Jolanta if she would like to come with me and she said yes. We decided that 10 days of being together would test our compatibility…
What a wonderful time! On our first day we visited a botanical garden and had a beautiful day. We are so lucky, we have electricity when we are near each other. It is as strong now as the first day we met!

After the holiday we didn’t want to be apart any longer, so I found a job in Coventry and moved in with Jolanta. Eventually, I found another job where Jolanta could also work and we have now been together 4 years 24/7. ( That is compatible eh!) We have been on about 15-20 holidays and also lived in Poland for over a year.

We are now in Bournemouth which is beautiful and are getting married on Jolanta’s 60th birthday. For our honeymoon we are flying to Venice for a gondola ride on the canal (romantic eh?!) We love each other even more than when we met (if that’s possible). We are perfect together.

We would just like to encourage people, especially older people to look and find their perfect partner online, because they are out there waiting and it’s magical!”


Steven & Jolanta


Steven and Jolanta's success story, the married couple


Congratulations you two from everyone here at JustSingles! Your story is truly inspirational and it just goes to show how your lives can change forever with just one message! If you’ve got a success story to tell, email us at [email protected]