“We Didn’t Stop Laughing!”

It’s time for another success story. This one comes from Sam who recently met Mark. Find out how they got on…

“I met Mark within two weeks of signing up. Something about his cheeky grin and the honesty of his profile attracted me. He winked at me, said ‘hi’ and then we started chatting.

We quickly realised that we had the same ridiculous sense of humour and dislike of fake people. We were both very real and honest with each other from the start. We went for a walk on our first date. Mark got us completely lost, which I found hilarious. It turned our walk into an adventure! We ended up being late for our dinner reservation, so Mark had to phone and change the booking so I had time to glam up.

All the things that went wrong actually made our time together more enjoyable. We didn’t stop laughing and talking the whole time. I really enjoyed the spontaneity of our date. Now we see each other as much a possible and talk every day. I wasn’t sure about online dating at first, but I have to say I’m so happy it helped me meet Mark.”

Love Sam & Mark xxxxx

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