“We Are Now Living In Wedded Bliss”

We were just thinking it was a nice day for a white wedding, so we were overjoyed when Lisa sent us her story about how she met Andy…

“I joined the site in December 2013 after separating from my then husband of 33 years. I chatted to a few men and met a couple of them for coffee, but we just didn’t click, so I kind of took a back seat for a couple of weeks or so. When I went back online I saw that I had a few ‘winks’ from someone called Andy. I checked his profile and he sounded really nice so I winked back. This went on for a few days, then he messaged me. We found out that we had quite a lot in common e.g. same taste in music and sense of humour. I gave Andy my number and we arranged a day/time to call.

We chatted for ages and got on really well. We then talked every evening for another week, before I invited him over to my flat a few days later. I was very nervous and so was Andy (he told me later on). He rang my doorbell, I went downstairs, opened the door and my first impression was, “My god you’re tall!” We both smiled, said “Hi” and went up to my flat. I made coffee. We chatted about our lives, family and music. We were both so nervous but we got on great. A couple of hours later, he left (we kissed on the cheek) and said we’d arrange another meet soon.

He ended up coming round the following night and we chatted again. We both noticed how relaxed we felt in each others company. We saw each other every day and after a week we had our first kiss and it was wonderful! We went out for dinner and met up with a couple of my friends who thought Andy was lovely. Within 3 months we’d moved in together and apart from work we were always together.

We got engaged on our 3 year anniversary. We were married on the 29th August. It was the happiest day of our lives. We are now living in wedded bliss along with our cat and dog. We are so happy together and although we both went through some tough times during both our divorces, we supported each other, got through it and now life is perfect! I am so glad I joined this dating site as I have now found the love of my life, someone who makes me the happiest person in the world. Thank you for helping me find my Mr Right!”

Congratulations to the pair of you and we think you make a lovely couple! It just goes to show that sending just one wink can change your life on JustSingles. So next time you see someone who catches your eye – reach out and make the first move! It certainly worked out well for Andy! 

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