Watch These Films Together This Halloween

Don’t be spooked this Halloween, stay in and have a scary movie date night instead… These films are fangtastic and howl-ly recommended!

Sleepy Hollow

A classic Tim Burton film complete with twists and turns… Plus Johnny Depp! It’s a gothic, dark fairy-tale about a headless horseman. Think American Downtown Abbey with ghosts and some unlikable characters.

Watch if you: Like a great plot twist!

Cabin In The Woods

This film starts off like your typical horror – sexy teens alone in the woods, but we can guarantee this film is anything but typical! This mash up of horror genres is funny, scary and makes you think all at the same time!

Watch if you: Want to be discussing a film for ages afterwards!


Jumpy and ridiculous, this is a Halloween classic. There’s a murderer going around stabbing people, see if you can guess who it is. Just don’t get too attached to any of the characters, we don’t rate their chances of making it out alive…

Watch if you: Feel like hiding behind the sofa…

The Shining

Based on Stephen King’s novel, The Shining is an unnerving tale of loneliness, madness and ghosts. This film will leave you feeling very on edge with the soundtrack alone being enough to give you nightmares. But give it a go, because all work and no play…

Watch if you: Really want a fright!

The Addams Family

We don’t need to explain this one. It’s about a family, they’re creepy and they’re kooky, they’re seriously spooky… Except they aren’t that scary but don’t tell them we said that! If you fancy a bit of fun with no frights in sight – this is for you!

Watch if you: Are a bit of a Halloween wimp…

Who says you need to choose just one? Stay safe indoors with a movie marathon on the scariest night of the year… If you dare!

Until next time,

The Just Spoooky Singles Team