Valentine’s Day When You’ve Just Started Dating


Here’s the situation: You’ve really only just started dating. You’re at that stage where you’ve been on more than 3 dates, but less than 10. Things are going well, but you haven’t quite clinched boyfriend-girlfriend status…. and Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Do you shower them with hearts and romantic gestures to risk scaring them off altogether, or do you just ignore st. V Day and pretend you hadn’t noticed the army of red balloons that have temporarily taken over the world!? Here’s a few Valentine’s Day tips to keep your budding relationship on the right track…

Talk about it
Pretending that Valentine’s Day isn’t happening is bound to make things awkward if you’re not on the same page, and someone’s feelings could get hurt. Don’t fear that a mere mention of the V word will ruin the pace of things between you, and don’t feel you have to lay all your cards on table about the relationship either. Simply ask them what they think of Valentine’s Day. Bring it up in a jokey way if it’s easier, but breaking the ice on the subject will definitely be a weight off both your shoulders. It might just turn out that neither of you are bothered, but both fancy meeting up the day after anyway!

Keep gifts to a minimum
If you think you’d like to buy them something to mark the occasion, it’s best to keep gifts lighthearted and funny at this stage – save your pennies and your efforts for a few more months down the line! Perhaps you know what their favourite sweets are, or you’ve seen something that would remind them of a funny moment on your first date. Keeping any gifts on the small, cheap and humorous side will avoid extreme awkwardness if they haven’t got you anything, and if the relationship doesn’t actually go the distance, you won’t have lost a small fortune!

Have some fun
If you’ve established that you both enjoy Valentine’s Day and would like to spend it together, suggest doing something fun! Even if you’ve had dinner together already, it’s worth remembering that restaurants will be making a big deal about Valentine’s Day and sitting amongst other couples that are deeply in love, while you’re serenaded over candlelight, may all be a bit too heavy for this early stage of your relationship. Instead, do something a little less formal, that you know you both enjoy. See what’s on in your local area, go to see a live band or have some fun at the bowling alley – enjoy yourselves like it’s any other day, but most of all, enjoy the fact you’ve (maybe secretly) got yourself a Valentine!

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