Valentine’s Day Ideas For Singles


It’s that time of year again when all the couples that you know start going on and on about their plans for the 14th. They worry (out loud) about what to buy for their partners, about getting dinner reservations, making sure the flowers get delivered on time… Single people don’t have this stress, and they don’t need to feel left out on Valentine’s Day. Let’s use this day as an excuse to celebrate our freedom, because if you’re on JustSingles, you won’t be free for long 😉 Here are some things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re a single pringle…

1. Head for the movies

Grab a friend and head to the cinema. There’s a movie genre to suit every singleton’s frame of mind on this day. You can go for the classic rom-com. There’s is a film released on Valentine’s Day called ‘How to be Single‘ which would be a perfect way to see the funny side of your relationship status (or lack of…). Or if you’re a bit of a rebel and want to play by your own rules this Valentine’s Day – go for a gory horror like the new film ‘Deadpool‘ with Ryan Reynolds, where no one (no matter what their relationship status) gets out alive…

2. Host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party

Being single is no excuse to be alone on this day – surround yourself with fellow singles and party the night away! Drink cocktails whilst swapping stories about your exes,  put up anti-love banners and dance to uplifting songs like ‘I Will Survive’ and Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

3. Spa Day

Not in the party spirit? Why not make this day all about the first love of your life – you. Pamper yourself stupid at a local health spa, or a country retreat somewhere. You’ve had to put up with your coupled friends for a year now – you deserve a break, and a bit of YOU time.

4. Spend it with those you love

Did you know that in Finland & Estonia they celebrate ‘Friends Day’ on the 14th Feb? This is the perfect day to spread the love to your friends and family. If you’re lucky enough to live close by, spend the day with them doing something you love to do. If you live far away, send them something they’ll love – a card or some flowers to show how much you appreciate them. It’ll be a lovely surprise!

5. Splash out!

This is our favourite one. Have you had your eye on the latest must-have handbag for a while now? Or those amazing shoes? That watch or mountain bike? Couples have to spend their hard-earned cash on each other – but if you’re single, why not spend the money you’re not spending on a spouse on something you’ve wanted for ages!

There you have it singletons, now you have an excuse to celebrate your independence! The best time to start online dating is when you are feeling great about yourself, so remember to join your pampered, loved-up self to JustSingles the day after!

Lots of Love,

The Just Singles Team