“Two messages changed my life forever…”

Do you believe in fate? Ann does now. Replying to two messages on the site changed her life forever! Read her inspiring story…

“This time last year I was in the worst place of my life. My 8 year relationship ended and then 3 weeks later my beloved father died. I sat in the house on my own on New Years Eve and thought I really don’t want to be like this next year. I registered and put a profile on the website. I was astounded at the response I received from men interested in me. I replied to one as I felt drawn to him, and we struck up a great friendship, which still continues to this day. Neither of us wanted a full on relationship and agreed we would be friends. I then received a message from a guy called Tim, who was moving back to my area. I didn’t respond as I didn’t feel it fair when I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

By the summer, I was feeling in a much better place and ready to start looking for a relationship. I updated the photos on my profile. The messages started coming in again and I replied to a couple. Then I received a message from Tim again and I replied to him. We started chatting and clicked immediately, we had a lot of things in common, we even had mutual friends! A couple of weeks later after many messages, texts and phone calls we decided to meet. He ended up staying for 2 weeks and we had a wonderful time. When we were apart all we wanted was to be together, and things have continued to get better and better. He moved in with me shortly afterwards. We both know that we will be together for the rest of our lives!


Everyone tells me how good we are together, and my friends and family were not at all surprised when I said he was moving in. They are all so happy that we have both met someone who clearly adores us and we make a great team.

My experience of internet dating has meant I have made one good friend and also met a partner – all by just replying to 2 messages – a pretty good outcome! Whether you believe in fate and destiny or not, we met at the right time in each others lives and are very happy and looking forward to our future together.”

Love Ann & Tim xxxx


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