Top 10 Hottest TV Doctors

Whilst browsing, we got to talking about the dreamiest fictional doctors. Check out our top 10 hottest TV doctors ever…

10. Dr Doug Ross – ER


The eternal bachelor, George Clooney, had us swooning all through the 90s as Dr. Doug Ross in ER.

9. Dr. Elliot Reid – Scrubs


Teenage boys (and fully grown boys) everywhere tuned in to Scrubs every week to check out Sarah Chalke as the neurotic Dr. Elliot Reid.

8. Dr. Christian Troy – Nip/Tuck


The Nip/Tuck bad boy is definitely not great boyfriend material, but Julian McMahon sure is nice to look at!

7. Dr. Isobel Stevens – Grey’s Anatomy


Katherine Heigl became a pin up for natural beauty lovers everywhere as Dr. Isobel Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy.

6. Dr. Sam Bennett – Private Practice


In the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice, Taye Diggs plays Dr. Sam Bennett. Also known as Dr. Feelgood. We wonder why!

5.  Dr. Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley – House


House casting directors made a smart move hiring the beautiful Olivia Wilde to play Dr. Hadley. The mysterious Dr. Hadley has us all under her spell.

4. The Eleventh Doctor – Doctor Who


Hey, we didn’t say we were exclusively talking about medical doctors! Did you know that Matt Smith was criticised by viewers after his first appearance as they believed he was  ‘too sexy’ to play Doctor Who?

3. Dr. Camille Saryoan – Bones


Cam is a pathologist who falls in love with her lab assistant Arastoo Vaziri. She may not be the warmest of characters, but this New Yorker won our hearts.

2. Dr. Derek Shepherd – Grey’s Anatomy


Prince Charming of the medical world, Dr. Shepherd, otherwise known as McDreamy, won the hearts of Grey’s Anatomy’s fans all over the world.

1. Dr. Jack Shephard – Lost


A muscly physician who can build you a fire and catch you dinner. What more could you ask for? Did you know that in the original Lost script, Jack Shephard died in the pilot episode? The writer’s then changed their plans and made him the lead character.

And there you have it! If you think we’ve missed anyone out, let us know below!

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