Thrifty Dating Tips

Not everyone can afford regular fine dining when dating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t date. Here are some money saving tips for fun but frugal dates!

Super Saver – Super Dater


You can cut down your date spend by signing up for discount and voucher code websites as well as money-saving newsletters. A lot of high street restaurants offer discounts, with some offering greater discounts for “off-peak” times too! You can also save on great days out, events and hotel stays.

Go Free!


There are free gardens, museums and walks that you can visit for free. Be inventive and get creative! Google “free things to do” nearby and see if there’s something you’d both enjoy. You could always rustle up a home-made picnic too, and maybe suggest you both bring things to keep it interesting.

Cosy nights in


Why not invite your date round for a night in? Nothing beats dinner followed by curling up together under a blanket to watch a film. We guarantee it’s cheaper than a restaurant meal and the extra effort will mean more to your match.

Dial down the date


You don’t have to go all guns blazing when it comes to date suggestions. Asking if they’d like to meet for coffee or lunch rather than a restaurant dinner can help keep costs down.


Until next time,

The Just Singles Team