Things To Avoid In Your Photos

Don’t get bogged down with conflicting dating photo advice! We’ve gathered together 5 simple rules to follow when deciding which snaps to use. Avoid these things in your dating photos and you’ll be onto a winner.

No Sunglasses

We may be in the midst of a never-ending Saharan heatwave, but to get dates you need to be looking ice cool in your photos. By hiding your eyes you’re putting up a barrier and giving off a negative first impression. Keep the shades off in your main photo and you’ll look open and friendly.

No Children

You’ve got kids, they’re a big part of your life – we get it. But when someone is scrolling through Search seeking out potential dates – they don’t really want to see a child. By all means upload family snaps as additional photos, but your first photo should always be of you only.

Be Clear

If you’re adding a dark photo, you may as well not be uploading one at all. Same goes for blurry or out of focus ones. You will make yourself look like you’ve got something to hide and you’ll just get passed by. Make your photos clear and bright to be in with the best chance of attracting the One.

No Objects

No one wants to date a coffee cup or a sunset – so don’t make these your first photo. It’s a site rule that objects are not allowed as your only or first photo, so save yourself the time and avoid making your first photo anything but your happy, smiling self.


The easiest thing you can do to make yourself as attractive as possible to fellow singles is to smile. You instantly look approachable and positive, without having to say a word! So, get grinning!

For more advice on how to make the most of your photos, here’s a selfie guide, plus here’s some more ways to make your photo sparkle!

Until next time,

The JustĀ  Singles Team