Things To Avoid After A Break Up



Listen closely unless you’d like to drag out the painful break up process and are happy with the thought of them ruining your life forever…

Social Network
Log off or at least remove the app from your phone for a couple of weeks. This will take away the temptation of cyber stalking them and over analysing every new photo they’re tagged in, and will stop you from flicking through pictures of ‘happier’ times. Whatever you do, definitely do not vent. Endless updates about your love life (or lack of) will just make others cringe at you and look upon you with pity. Don’t give your ex the satisfaction of knowing what you’re up to without them; you can carry on being tagged in your friend’s updates and photos, but don’t post anything directly from you – leave them wondering what you’re doing.

Their Friends
This is always one of the hardest parts of a break up – the friendship custody battle. Stay with the circle of friends you made without your ex; unfortunately, their friends will always be loyal to them before you. Even if you did keep up the friendship for a while, it will get distant and weird over time, especially when your ex starts dating again and is going on double dates with them.

Coupley Friends
Don’t avoid going out with any of your friends in relationships, but just make sure that they’re partner doesn’t tag along. You need to have a good time and blow off some steam, the last thing you need to be right now is a third wheel! Seeing your nearest and dearest being happy in their relationships will just make you feel like you’re missing something, when in reality, you’re in a better situation now.

Revenge is sweet, but silence is sweeter. Bad decisions = bad consequences, and you’re way to busy with your new social schedule to worry about that anyway. Wasting time plotting revenge just feeds the bitterness and won’t make them miss you or realise they’ve make a bit mistake, it will just make them think you’re a bit psychotic…

Bad Personal Hygiene
Plan to stay in bed all day and eat junk food? That’s perfectly acceptable, just make sure you get up to have a shower at some point! Acting like a slob just makes you feel worse about yourself. Brush your hair and act like you’ve still got it together. Making an effort with your appearance will let others know that you don’t think it’s the end of the world and you’re actually a strong, independent person who didn’t need them anyway. Go about your day like it’s not a big deal, and soon, it won’t be!

Drastic Change
When it comes to break ups, for some reason we desperately feel the need to change something about ourselves to make us feel better. Sure, pamper yourself, but don’t get all of your hair chopped off! And no tattoos expressing how ‘free’ you are now – you’ll just look back on it and have a nasty reminder of them. Oh, and no one way tickets to avoid ever bumping into them again, it WILL get less awkward!

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  1. YOu are more than just bright , you are very smart and the advice is very well taken , thank you , so very much