The First Holiday As A Couple


Sunglasses at the ready,  it’s starting to look a lot like summer may nearly be here… yay! And with summer comes holidays. Hot, sunny, relaxing-with-cocktail-in-hand holidays… double yay! But if you’re about to embark on your very first holiday with a new love interest, it’s worth reading our tips before you jet off to faraway lands (or a caravan in Bognor, we’re not judging!)…

Plan together
If you’re normally the organiser in the relationship, it can be tempting to plan the whole holiday yourself. But deciding where to go, where to stay and what to do while you’re there are all decisions that should be made together. It is both your holidays after all! Make sure you’re both getting what you want out of your time away, even if it does mean a little compromise on either part.

Don’t go for too long
However madly in love you are, 2 months together in Thailand would be testing for any couple. Remember, this is the first time you’re spending time together constantly and the last thing you want is to over do it! Stick to a week, somewhere not too far away, just to test the waters and you can hit the long haul next time.

Give each other space
Talking of over doing it, it’s good to take a break from each other while you’re away, if you feel like you need it. It won’t make you any less of a couple, in fact it’ll keep your holiday swimming along nicely, rather than getting frustrated with each other. Go for a walk, or sit in a cafe while they do something they want to do and just enjoy a little alone time for an hour or two. You may even find you start to miss each other!

Don’t sweat the small stuff
So you dropped the room key somewhere in the depths of the ocean while jet skiing, you missed the bus or you got a little lost because someone didn’t read the map, so laugh it off! Things often go wrong on holiday but when you look back, you’ll realise that these things didn’t really matter. Don’t let small problems blow up into an argument that ruins the holiday. Embrace a relaxed holiday attitude and just don’t sweat it!

Don’t make comparisons
This holiday is a first for your relationship so treat it as just that. Don’t compare it to holidays with previous partners, with friends or with family as there will obviously be parts that are different – and that’s a good thing! Make this holiday about the two of you, experiencing new places, trying new foods and making some amazing new memories together!

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