The First Argument


Who doesn’t love the honeymoon period? The constant texting, learning all their cute personality traits and feeling like you’re on cloud 9… but no couple is perfect. Here’s how to survive your first argument without crashing back down to earth…

Stand your ground
The way you act in your first argument will set the bar for all future arguments to follow. Of course, having a blazing row in the middle of the supermarket isn’t ideal, but giving in too easily will give the other person way too much control in your next spat.

It’s not the end of the world
It might feel like the perfect relationship you thought you had has come crashing down before you, but it’s really not that bad. We can’t agree with each other 100% of the time. Having an argument now and again is a sign that you’re in a real relationship with feelings and something to fight for.

Get to the root of the problem straight away
Brushing the first little problem under the carpet creates a bigger mess long term. It might be a bit hard to confront, but once you do, you’ll pave the way for a loving, open and long-term union.

Give each other some space
When we first get together with someone, we want to spend every waking moment with them, and sometimes that leads to suffocation. Step back a bit after your argument and give the other person some time to breathe. You’ll soon find that you’re missing each other and will be cuddled up together in no time.

Make up!
When the dust has settled, make sure you both get your say. Hear the other person out (no interruptions!), show them what a forgiving and laid back person you are, accept and move on. What you decide to do after that is up to you!

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