The Correct Way To Handle Rejection


No matter how many times we’ve faced it, rejection never seems to get easier. But it’s a part of life and is bound to happen now and then, let’s accept it in the easiest way possible and move on…

Don’t take it personally
Of course it’s hard not to take it personally when someone is saying they don’t want to give YOU a chance, but it might not even have anything to do with you. There’s nothing you can do to change who you are as a person (and why should you?!), so accept that you just might not be their type, they are after completely different things or they actually are too busy to commit to a relationship at the moment. It’s important not to over-analyze everything as you just don’t know what’s going on in the other person’s head. Create a bubble around you and don’t let their words penetrate it.

Be cordial
You may be filled with anger and disappointment but try to take this rejection with grace and dignity; be the bigger person and stay calm. Even though you think that the other person has led you on etc. don’t speculate or try to accuse them of anything – it’s their loss. They’ll probably be expecting a bad reaction, so show them that you’re not that bothered by politely accepting their rejection. Trying to guilt trip them or make them feel sorry for you will just make you cringe when you look back on the situation.

Try to listen to what they’re saying as they could have some valid points that will help you in the future. You’re entitled to a reason why. Don’t hang on to words of hope like ‘maybe if things were different’ or ‘we can still be friends’, they’re just trying to soften the blow but it could actually make it harder for you to move on.

Talk to close friends
Being rejected can really knock your self-esteem, so it’s important to surround yourself by close friends who you can confide in. Vent to them, get angry, have a gossip and let them tell you how much better you can do, you’ll feel much more positive about it after. Relationships come and go but friends will always be there for you; let them tell you what you want to hear and take you out to get your mind of off it.

Move on
No moping about! Don’t hesitate in getting back out there and talking to new people, it’s silly to let one rejection hold you back. Go to the gym regularly (exercise relieves stress and releases happy hormones!), meet with friends and family and force yourself to do anything but feel sorry for yourself. The best way to get back at someone, not that we’re looking for revenge here, is to be happy! Get back out there and you’ll soon forgot it ever happened.

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Rachel is a Marketing Executive. She’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and country music. Her favourite pastime is cuddling up with her two Labradors and binge watching Netflix.

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