The Break Up Guide

Break Up

You may have been dating for a while or simply just talking and things aren’t going well. For whatever reason you want to end things and call it a day, without hurting feelings or it getting awkward. Here’s how to break up…

When Should I End Things?

This is completely up to you and unique to your situation. The simple answer is that there may never be a good time, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time with this person. But you can’t help your feelings, so if you’re not into them anymore, then the time to end things is now. Life is short and sometimes you’re better off single.

How Should I Do It?

There is no perfect way to break up, but there are better ways than others. If you can be, always be honest. If it’s nothing they have done and it’s just your gut feeling then say this. However, if it’s something they are doing wrong and you think bringing this up would insult them then this is where you have an issue. There are certain things that people would not want to know about themselves. This is where you have to make the call as to whether you can approach this subject nicely without hurting feelings.

Break up

How Should I Not Do It?

The worst way to break up is indirectly, it’s the cowards way out. When going through a break up the most important thing anyone needs is closure and that’s what you don’t get with this method. If you send a text or simply ghost them, it’ll take longer for you both to heal and lead to many unanswered questions.

Of course the site makes it easy to end things if you’ve only been speaking so far. Use the ‘Ignore’ button to end all further contact and ‘Report‘ to notify the moderation team of any offensive behaviour.