The 3 Dates, 3 Months Challenge!


At last, we can reveal our exciting new project!

We’ve rallied together the finest dating & lifestyle bloggers in the UK for the ultimate dating challenge! We asked each of our bloggers to try 3 ways of finding dates over 3 months – one of those being online dating ( to be precise!) and blog about their experiences.

And so today the challenge begins! Allow us to introduce our bloggers…

Scouse Bird Problems

Scouse Bird Problems

Scouse Bird Problems is a well-known yet anonymous blogger and social media personality. Famous locally and nationally for her witty quips and spot on, honest recommendations; her influence increases daily. Follow Scouse Bird Problems on Twitter.

3 ways of finding dates:
Go to gigs
Networking/business events

Lakes Single Mum

 Lakes Single Mum

A single mum trying to juggle a paid job, a blog, and selling children’s books whilst raising 2 children leaves her very little time for romance! She’s hoping that 2014 is the year that will change. Follow Lakes Single Mum on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Photography course
The gym

Sex and London City


Nixalina delivers on a weekly basis; top fashion trends, make-up tutorials, celebrity interviews, launch parties coverage, press events, as well as delving in to the witty and brutal reality of being a single woman looking for love in the Big Smoke. Her relationship and dating articles have attracted global followers and have thus seen her coined as the London’s real-life answer to ‘Carrie Bradshaw’. She has also made TV appearances on shows such as ‘Take Me Out’, ‘This Morning’ and ‘Confessions of a Sex Addict’. Follow Sex and London City on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Go where the men go (Ice Hockey matches, Rugby matches, Sports bars, etc)
Do something I don’t normally do (go to a museum, library, work out in a park, etc)

Thirty Something London


Thirty Something London blogger Jordi works in Marketing/PR and describes himself as having plenty of “chutzpah“. Having never delved into the online dating world before, he generally leaves his love life up to serendipity. Thirty Something London is a blog about what it’s really like being a straight, single, metrosexual male in London. Follow Thirty Something London on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Torture Garden fetish party
A gay friend, a straight girlfriend and I are going to choose a bar each and see if we can find one person in our chosen bar.

Twins, Tiaras and Tantrums


Twins, Tiaras and Tantrums blogger Lisa is just about to turn 41. With her children setting off for school, Lisa says, “I’d like to be able to show my girls that true love is real and that Prince Charming does exist… even if you have to search that little bit harder to find him these days!”  Follow Twins, Tiaras and Tantrums on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Santa Pod Raceway
Guiness Factory tour, Dublin.

Taupe and Pearl


Kirsty lives in Brighton with two cats and too many concealers. Taupe and Pearl focuses on affordable make up and beauty products with items from old high street heroes to newly discovered brands. And now of course, dating. Follow Taupe and Pearl on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Themed fancy dress party
Going door to door for a local business to sign people up for more info on their green scheme.



Morag is a 23 year old marketer and blogger living in the Glasgow area. Her blog is a mixture of cruelty-free beauty, restaurants and nightclubs across Scotland, music and high street fashion. A long term single she’s embarking on #3mths3dates to find that boy who “clearly just got stuck in traffic (and because it sounded like fun, that too)”. Follow Mo’Adore on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Vegetarian club/bar
A traffic light party

Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist


Parent & plus size fashion blogger, journalist, sub-editor, social Worker & single parent. Follow Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Speed dating
Safari Dating

The Online Dating Diaries


Kylie is 23 and has been living the single girl’s dream in London since her last break up in 2010. She has decided that now, after indulging in a lifestyle where aside from friends and family her interests lie in number one, she’d like to share it with someone else. She says, “My first adult boyfriend was a poetic, deep and loving sop while the second and last was hot and bad and I should never have taken him to my mother’s. I guess what I’m looking for is something in between.” Follow The Online Dating Diaries on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Grouper – a social club that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends.
Social Concierge – a members’ dating agency who are running a #LondonLoveMonth where they’re putting on a number of dating events for 20/30something Londoners.

Single Mother Ahoy


Single Mother Ahoy is a 32 year old single mother and freelance writer, who is studying for a degree through the Open University with what little free time she has! She is hoping that taking part in the #3dates3mths challenge will be a bit of fun and give her a chance to get out and meet new and interesting people – even if it doesn’t lead to anything romantic! Follow Single Mother Ahoy on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Blind date set up by a friend

Single Serena


Over the past six months Serena has been blogging about her experiences as a newly single girl. Having explored a number of options for finding a new partner, she says online dating seems like the next logical step. Serena loves music, especially live music and is hoping this challenge will introduce her to someone who embraces that passion. Follow Single Serena on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Go to a gig/concert
Go to a museum/art gallery

Mad Blogs and Englishmen

MBE logo1 copy

Mad Blogs and Englishmen is pure romantic comedy. Tube station escalators, cruising at thirty thousand feet, men’s’ trouser shopping in M&S… who knows where your next date is coming from, or where it’s going…? Follow Mad Blogs and Englishmen on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Tango classes
A ball

The Mummy Blogger


A multi-tasking working mum who blogs about the trials of parenting, being a newly single mum and the little treasure she likes to put into her lifestyle to get her through the day. Follow The Mummy Blogger on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Cookery course

Ginger Girl Says


Hello number 2 what’s your name and where d’ya come from? – I feel like I’m on the digital version of Blind Date but there’s no Cilla or Graham to give me a quick recap!”

Charl is 26 and from Staffordshire (otherwise known as “up north” where they have gravy on chips). She’s been single for a little over a year now, but who’s counting? Things she likes: writing, a good piece of steak, Guinness and Breaking Bad. Things she dislikes: writing about myself on Internet dating websites, the sound of people brushing their teeth and bad grammar. Follow Ginger Girl Says on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates: TBC

My Potential One True Love


My Potential One True Love is a blog about a girl who picked 30 ‘Cilla’s’ to set her up on blind dates. Her Cilla’s are made up of family, friends and in some instances – randoms. Each will be setting her up on a date with someone they deem – an eligible suitor.  Follow My Potential One True Love on Twitter!

3 ways of finding dates:
Coffee shop/pub




WitWitWoo is a lifestyle blog written by Kate, a mother to 2 boys.  Her blog is full of stories of dating (disasters), parenting, travel and how her new fur coat nearly bagged her a new man.  Had she not panicked and lied that she had a boyfriend.  Kate is a Content Strategist by day… dater extraordinaire by night. Follow WitWitWoo on Twitter!

3 ways of dating:
Blind date set up by a friend
Business/networking event

And there you have it… the 3 Dates 3 Months challengers!

We’re so excited to have such a great team of bloggers on board (if you haven’t already, check out their blogs!). Don’t forget you can keep up to date with the challenge on Twitter by searching #3dates3mths.

Good luck bloggers!

The Just Singles Team.

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