The 10 Commandments Of Texting


Welcome to the 21st century, where you can never have a minute’s peace and there’s never an excuse not to get back to someone! (“My sister was using the landline” just doesn’t cut it these days.) You’ve exchanged numbers after getting to know each other very well online… now what?

Turn off your read receipts
Sometimes we’re just too busy to text back; some of us have jobs you know! Best to turn off your read receipts unless you want countless texts afterwards along the lines of  “I know you read my text!” or “?????????”.

DO NOT text them a second time if they haven’t text you back
Don’t be that person! Odds are that, yes they’re still alive, yes they got you’re text and they’re either too busy (see above), have forgotten or just not interested (sorry!).

Don’t text back straight away
Yes, you might have conveniently been on your phone anyway, but it still looks a little bit too keen! Give it at least 10 minutes before a reply. You also don’t want to wait too long to text back all the time either, otherwise it looks like you’re playing games (arghhh so many rules!).

Texting is just texting
Don’t get too comfortable with texting them all the time. If you’re substituting date time or a phone call for a text conversation; you’re not dating, you’re just texting.

Don’t write a novel
If you have that much to say all in one go, then it’s probably better to get it out over a phone call or even a cup of coffee.

Use the right texting laughter
lol = I don’t want to make my text sound too serious
haha = I didn’t really find you funny, but I’ll be polite
hahaha = Your text made me giggle inside/put a smile on my face
hahahahahahaha = I’m laughing out loud and people are looking at me weird, but I don’t care because you’re hilarious

Don’t argue via text
With texting, you can’t get your tone of voice across, so a serious conversation could be taken the wrong way. If you are going to have a disagreement, wait to do it in person or, the very least, in a phone call.

Keep yourself occupied
Keep yourself busy when you’re texting your potential date, that way you won’t completely freak out and question everything you’ve said to them when they don’t text you back straight away.

Send funny pictures regularly
It doesn’t have to be of you, just something that made you laugh. This lets them know you’re thinking about them when they’re not around and you’ve put a bit of thought into it.

Be mindful of their schedule
If you know that they’re driving home from work at 5.30 or they’re taking their kids to the cinema etc, it’s probably not a good idea to send them of string of texts around that time. Don’t create stress for yourself by texting them at a time when you know it’s not convenient for them to text back.


What ever happened to the good old days of pigeon post?

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