First Date Signals – Great Date

Friday, 23 September, 2016 by Just Singles

We have talked about the signs of a bad date but what about the signs of a good one?
It can still be tricky to figure out if your date is going well, so take a look at the signs below and see if your date is going strong!


5 Signs The Date Went Well

Wednesday, 29 July, 2015 by Just Singles

So, you had a date last night and now your friends want to know how it went…


5 Signs It Was A Good Date

Thursday, 12 June, 2014 by Just Singles

“So, how was your date?” “Good?” Or rather, “I think it was good”… which is also known as, “I don’t really know if it was a good date, I had a good time, I think (hope) they had a good time but I don’t want to sound too arrogant right now incase the thought of […]


The Way To A Man’s Heart

Thursday, 12 September, 2013 by Just Singles

Can you cook up a storm in the kitchen? This week Hayley talks about her fear of cooking for her partner… As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I really want to stand up on a soapbox and argue something utterly Feminist, but it’s kind of the […]