Surviving Halloween Single

It’s that time of year again when everything gets a little spooky. It’s safety in numbers, which is unfortunate for any singleton. But help is at hand! You don’t have to suffer this holiday alone! Here’s how to survive Halloween single…

Do The Monster Mash

Halloween is a great time to get out there and be sociable. There’s nothing like heading out to a monster’s ball wearing a witches hat or devil horns. The costumes create fangtastic ice-breakers, so dance the night away to Thriller and head out or even host a Halloween party!

Add Ar-twistic Flair

Forget those couples planning their ‘hilarious’ joint costumes, “Pete and I are going as the Mario Brothers this year!” It’s been done, Karen. Sigh. This is the perfect time to get creative and absorb yourself in some spooky DIY projects of your own. Dress your dog up as a ghost, carve some pumpkins, cover the house in cotton wool cobwebs and really get in the spirit!

Trick Treat Yourself

Oh, what are you meant to do with all those treats that go unclaimed by trick or treaters? Stay in and treat yourself to a bowl of something devilishly sugary. Console yourself with chocolate bats, gummy eye balls – whatever you weakness is!

Thriller Nights

Get together with a group of single friends and head to the cinema to watch something scary. Scream along with strangers and hide your eyes from the screen. Even your over-priced popcorn can’t save you now…

October 31st doesn’t have to be a nightmare, so what if you’re single? If you’ve got it, haunt it…

Happy Halloween,

The Just Spoooky Singles Team