Surviving Christmas When You’re Single


December is well and truly upon us and yes, it’s that wonderful time of year again! But, if you find yourself dreading Christmas as a single-ite this year, “wonderful” is probably the last word on your mind. Feeling like Bridget Jones as you rock up at parties to find you’re the only single one there, or family get-togethers where everyone wants to know why you “still haven’t found anyone” are not what Christmas should be about!

Everyone should enjoy this time of year, whatever their relationship status; so here’s our guide to making the most of the festive period when you’re single…

Don’t feel sorry for yourself
First and foremost you must not wallow in self pity. Not at Christmas time – in fact, not at any time! This time of year is about spreading the Christmas cheer, not your own Christmas misery. It may be easier said than done, but reminiscing about not-so-single Christmases past will only make you feel worse. Keep busy, distract yourself, be the person at the party that everyone wants to talk to – not the one weeping into a glass of wine behind the tree!

Fill your festive calendar
It’s the season for parties, get-togethers and spontaneous drinks after work – you know the ones, “just because it’s Christmas!” And you, you lucky thing are free to do it all! While your coupled-up friends moan they can’t make it as they have dinner with the in-laws (or some other arduous couple duty), being single means you’re a free agent. Throw yourself into the festive season and have lots of fun!

Make the most of get-togethers
Don’t let the thought of attending a party or family gathering alone get the better of you; people will be much less conscious of the fact that you’re single than you think! Enjoy getting together with old friends or family members that you only see once a year. You may even find it’s nice to catch up with old faces by yourself for once.

Have a good comeback
Is there anything more annoying than someone asking why you’re still single? We thought not. And with all the socialising over next few weeks, it’s inevitable that someone will throw the question your way. So be prepared. Answer in whatever way you feel comfortable; whether it’s something genuine (“I just haven’t met the right person yet/ I’m focusing on work”) or kill ‘em with sarcasm (“I’m just lucky I suppose!”). Having something prepared for these situations will make you feel a lot better about them arising.

Look on the bright side
Being single at Christmas definitely has its bonuses; There’s less presents to buy (more money to buy presents for yourself). There’ll be no arguments about whose parents to spend Christmas day with. In fact, you won’t have to spend time with anyone else’s parents full stop! You can eat as much as you like (eat the whole tin of Quality Streets if you want, who’s going to judge!?). And of course, you can kiss anyone you like under the mistletoe…

‘Tis the season to be single! Tra la la la laa la la la la…

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.

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Emma is a Marketing Engagement Executive. She went to Bournemouth Arts University and has a degree in Fashion Studies. She has a love for vintage markets and enjoys nothing more than a weekend at a muddy music festival.