Strictly Couples




This year competition is high with the Strictly Celebs!

We’ve been keeping an eye on the glamorous couples and since Blackpool was this weekend we thought it would be the perfect time to review.

Anita & Gleb

Despite being a new comer Gleb has really shown us what he’s got. Not only has he given us all a reason to watch the show again, he’s also made a star out of Anita. I think I speak for us all when I say I didn’t realise she could dance like that! Their passion, their friendship and dancing skills really do push a punch!

Georgia & Giovanni

We knew Georgia would be able to put in a perfect performance thanks to her acting skills, but she really has impressed us with her dancing skills. She and Giovanni are the pocket rockets of this year’s competition and are excelling at all dances ballroom.

Helen & Aljaz

This Call the Midwife star gives her all each and every week and looks pristine whilst she does it. We are mesmerised by her doll like features whilst she’s whisked around the dancefloor. So light footed and so effortlessly done Aljaz must be proud of his partner. There is a danger of this couple falling into the dance off because they seem to be falling into the middle of the leader board. And we all know that comes with a risk!

Jay & Aliona

We still haven’t got over this couples Jive performance, or their Paso for that point. Aliona has managed to make this man come completely out of his shell, despite a few wobbly moments in his recent performance he still manages to captivate his audience. This is the first and only couple this year where there are rumours flying around about their relationship, but we don’t believe it for one moment.

Katie & Anton

So so excited that Anton has made it through to Blackpool and out the other side! His partner Katie has performed so well with him over the past few weeks, we are just so glad that Anton is able to prove again that he is a marvelous professional dancer and can teach others to learn. Could this couple be the underdog?

Kellie and Kevin

This is another relationship that we’ve witnessed blossoming. If you’ve not yet watched It Takes Two with Zoe Ball when she has Kellie and Kevin in the studio then you’ve missed out. They will guarantee to put a smile on your face. At every moment they are having fun and I think that’s why they are still in the competition, they beam excitement, as well as Kellie being able to pull of the moves too!

Peter & Janette

We all knew Peter was a ‘go getter’, he would put his heart and soul into any task thrown at him. This weekend in Blackpool sadly he didn’t have the best time but he will be able to pick himself up and start afresh. He’s been doing well so far in this competition, let’s hope he stays there until the final. We think he has it in him!


Our Prediction:

Strictly 2015 Winner: Jay & Aliona

Who’s your prediction?


Until next time,

The Just Singles Team