Staying Safe On First Dates

First Date

In most cases, discovering that your date is actually just extremely photogenic is likely to be worst thing that happens on a first date. But, if you’ve decided to take that next step, away from the computer and onto some real first dates this year, we thought it was about time we reminded you of a few safety essentials…

Move at your own pace
Chatting online is a great (and safe) way to find out a bit about someone prior to meeting face to face. Don’t feel pressured to give out your private email address or phone number until you feel comfortable and ultimately, don’t arrange to meet offline until you’re absolutely ready (of course, a few first date nerves are still allowed).

Talk on the phone
You can get to know someone fairly well through messages online but it’s always a good idea to speak on the phone at least once before you take the plunge and meet up. Hearing someone’s voice will give a good indication that they are who they say they are and can also help to break the ice before you see each other face to face – even if it’s just a quick call the day before the date to check arrangements.

Keep it public
Always plan to meet someone new in a public place like a pub or a restaurant, rather than in one of your homes. Leave the cosy nights in for further down the line when you’ve really got to know each other.

Have a transport plan
Even if you live close to each other, allowing your date to pick you up and find out exactly where you live is a little risky. Arrange your own transport and meet each other at the venue, just in case. This way if you don’t hit it off, you won’t find yourself stuck with them all the way home too!

Tell a friend where you’re going
Always make sure a friend knows when and where you’re going on your first date. It’s also a good idea to drop them a quick text or phone call half way through – hopefully to tell them how wonderfully dreamy your date is and that it couldn’t be going any better!

Watch the drink!
We know you don’t need us to tell you about the effects of alcohol but it’s worth remembering not to drink too much on a first date, as getting really drunk could leave you in a vulnerable situation. Not to mention falling over, falling asleep, declaring undying love… etc etc! A few drinks are great for calming those first date nerves and enjoying yourself but just do it in moderation!

Trust your instincts
If something doesn’t feel right, make an excuse, leave and don’t feel bad about it. Remember that old trick of having a friend call with an “emergency situation” if it all goes wrong? That’ll work! Don’t feel you have to continue with a date if you don’t feel entirely comfortable.

First dates are supposed to be fun and exciting but it’s important to stay safe too! Have you got any first dates lined up? We’d love to hear about them!

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The Just Singles Team.

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