Spoooky Halloween Date Ideas

Halloween is creeping closer. Things are starting to go bump in the night. The phone keeps ringing but there’s no one there. The door is creaking open by itself. A shadow is appearingĀ  in the hallway… Don’t suffer alone! Get together and try out our Halloween date ideas – if you dare…

1. Scary Movie night

Stay inside! Lock all the doors and windows! And host a monstrous movie night for two. Cosy-up under a blanket and switch off all the lights (at your own risk…) If you’re classic and old-school – watch a Hitchcock like ‘The Birds’ or ‘Psycho’. If you want a modern horror, (and you have a cushion ready to hide behind) watch ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Woman in Black’ or ‘Insidious’. This date idea is guaranteed to bring you closer together…


2. Ghostly Tour

They say it changes when the sun goes down… Find out what’s lurking in the shadows of your local area. Discover your town or cities’ gruesome past, and try solving its mysteries. Incredibly informative and fun. As well as being terrified, you get to learn all about the history behind your local area. You can do a bus tour- stopping off at each spooky destination, or walking tours, which who knows – may turn into a run-for-your-life tour…


3. Terrifying Theme Parks

All major theme parks now seem to be getting in on the Halloween action. As if roller-coasters weren’t terrifying enough, most parks stay open later around the spooky season, so you can can loop-the-loop in total darkness. For the more adventurous, most parks have added terrifying attractions, like live horror mazes, 3D movies and (if you dare stay at one of their hotels) some parks even provide spooky surprises throughout your night…


4. Haunted Halloween Party

Attend a monsters’ ball in style wearing matching outfits. Halloween is the perfect time to dress up as your favorite couple, or even equally terrifying ghouls. Stuck for costume ideas? No need to go on a murderous rampage –We’ve got you covered…


5. Petrifying Pumpkin Carving

Please your inner child and try pumpkin carving. For the more competitive daters -make it a competition – who has the freakier design. Or why not try to create pumpkin versions of each other?(Warning -this may offend.) Fancy some treats for your carving efforts? We’re giving away 200 free credits to use on JustSingles for the best carved pumpkin! See our Facebook page for all the details!


6. Haunted House

Because of shows like ‘Most Haunted’, you can now actually stay in haunted hotels and BnB’s – deliberately. There are many haunted weekend breaks all over the country, where there have been previous sightings, unexplained occurrences and gruesome murders. Will you make it to morning?


Got any spookier ideas of your own? Let us know your daunting date ideas for Halloween – and don’t forget to enter our pumpkin competition!

We’d better go, we’ve just spotted something moving outside…

Until next time,

The Just Spine-Chilling Singles Team.