Single This Valentine’s Day?

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a drag. Don’t mope around giving couples the evil eye. Today is the perfect day to celebrate your single status and here’s how we suggest you do it…

being single on Valentine's Day
They’ll see the funny side, I’m sure.

Me, Myself & I

Be selfish. We all spend the majority of our lives helping, worrying about and compromising for others – make this day about you. If you’re sad that no one has bought you flowers – treat yourself to a bouquet. Lamenting about your lack of Valentine’s Day cards? Write yourself a letter or a list describing all the things you love about yourself and what you’re proud of. As RuPaul always tells us, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Being single on Valentine's Day

When The Rain Starts To Fall

This is the perfect day to summon your single friends for a big celebration. Galentine’s Day has become a popular alternative name for this day. It’s basically a day to show some love for your gal pals. Gather whoever is important to you, friends or family and spend the day doing something you all love to do. It’s important to remember that just because you’re not in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re alone. No man is an island…

You gotta have friends
Your love life’s DOA

Crack On

Single people are our specialty (we’re not called JustSingles for nothing), so why not join in the fun and use this day to meet people who are just like you? Seize this day and become motivated to meet someone new. You may not have instant success, but just by logging in you’re taking the first steps to victory.

Dating yourself

So, being single on Valentine’s Day is no big deal. However you’re celebrating – make sure that you do! This day isn’t just for couples. Happy Valentine’s Day!