September Birthday Celebrations

The month of September has swept in and the seasons have changed. We want to wish everyone whose birthday is this special month a very happy one! We love this time of year at JustSingles. Not only do the  trees start to match our branding colours, we get to start to planning for all of our upcoming festive activities!

To celebrate the month of September, we will also be giving away a very special prize – you could win 100 credits to use on your dating profile! Carry on reading to find out more. 



Sometimes some couples just match, is it fate or is it to do with how the stars align? We love reading our horoscopes for the month, especially when there is love involved. So here are what the stars say about your birth sign, whether Virgo or Libra we have the lo-down!

Virgo: Virgo’s are highly intelligent, interested in everything and anyone and share many, many hobbies. They show their appreciation by act rather than word, putting that creative energy into something productive. They are loyal, gentle and are the kindest of companions.

Compatible star signs: Taurus and Capricorn

Libra: Emotionally impulsive and love being in love! Not only this, they are affectionate, sympathetic and very interested in everyone! With a deceptive appearance, Libra’s look soft but actually have quite tough skin, which can be quite difficult when getting to know a Libra – it’s time to break down those boundaries!

Compatible star signs: Cancer and Pisces

Do you agree with these points? Or do you think you are far from the typical Virgo & Libra? Let us know in the comments below!


Let’s not forget these celebrities who share your birthday month. As you can see there’s a handful of wonderful actors and amazing performers. Let them inspire you and always remember to dream big, they have and look how far it took them!



Let’s get straight to the point, we are giving away 100 free credits to anyone who leaves a comment in the bottom letting us know when their birthday is. We’ll give you a special shout out in the next Birthday Blog too!

100 free credits will enable you to access areas of the site you may have never explored, such like the Spotlight bar. Go on – give it a go!

Until next time,
The Just Singles Team