Self Isolating & Just Singles

Hands up who is having to self isolate right now? Even if you’re not self-isolating, you may be being forced to work from home and practice social distancing. The virus has now taken over our everyday life. But, the want to get out there and chat with new people is now hanging around our necks more than ever. While the idea of being stuck at home might sound nice, a few days in, the boredom will strike. 

Self isolating, it turns out, is no fun. Your house starts to feel like a prison and you yearn for human contact. 

Just Singles & Self Isolation

But, did you know that you can get an abundance of human contact at your very fingertips with online dating sites like Just Singles? The Just Singles dating site was created with the sole purpose of bringing together fun singles who are looking for new relationships. Our members are looking for it all – friendships and dating – as well as romance and flirting. Our online dating site has been running for years and our members are feeling the same as you right about now – bored and frustrated.

How Just Singles Can Help You

The uncertainty is everywhere – every social media app wants to shove information down your throat. Every news station is showing the same scare mongering information regurgitated over and over again. We all need a mental break – for your mental health but also for some comic relief and, well, relief all round.

Remember summer holidays? They were nice weren’t they!

Get searching for singles

With Just Singles, you can tailor your search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! This means that if you want to avoid chatting with someone who is a conspiracy theorist, you can do that! It also means that if you want to find someone who is local, that’s easy! You can give someone a shot who lives miles away too. The miles between us all right now, even though for many it’s just bricks, mortar and fence posts, feel like oceans. 

How about breaking down those barriers and start chatting with someone online? We’re all in the same boat and we’re all feeling the same. It’s always nice to take your mind off of what’s going on in the world with a cheeky chat and a nice flirt with someone new.

Your profile

As a member of Just Singles you’ll be able to create your own dating profile and add photos of yourself. You could spend time adding snaps from last summer – all of the festivals you went to and the holidays in the sun. Or you could share photos of your Christmas. Why not get some good selfies in your house and show off your funny side?

Your profile is a great opportunity to show off your personality and what’s best about you. It’s best to use your profile as an opportunity to show off everything that is great about you. Treat your profile as a shop window and make sure that your best quips, stories, and diary entries are easy to find for all members. 

It’s time to take this virus and how it’s affecting our lives into our own hands. Now is a perfect time to meet incredible new singles who are feeling just like you. People are getting nervous and scared, so why not take their mind off of it all with some cheesy jokes and harmless flirting. The chances are, there are going to be more people online and using Just Singles now than ever before! 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s easy and FREE to join our dating community, simply follow this link: