Rom Coms In Real Life

Don’t you wish life was just like a Romantic Comedy? No! Because if it were, it would go a lot differently…

Notting Hill

Notting Hill
Storyline: Famous Hollywood actress falls in love with regular bloke
Reality: Hollywood actress has a bit of a fling with regular London bloke, flies back to LA and gets on with her Hollywood life. Regular bloke gets a bit obsessive, follows her every move on Twitter and then releases an overly exaggerated kiss-and-tell blog that no one reads.



The Notebook
Two star-crossed teenagers from different backgrounds are split up by her parents, only to cross paths and fall in love again years later
Reality: Knowing Allie’s address from all the letters he’s been sending, a week after they break up Noah decides it’s probably easier to just to visit her. They say sorry, get back together and don’t break anyone else’s hearts in the process.


pretty woman

Pretty Woman
Storyline: Rich business man hires prostitute for the weekend and they fall in love
Reality: Everything about this story is just wrong.



There’s something about Mary
Storyline: Ted hires a private investigator to stalk his high school prom date 10 years later and eventually wins her over again.
Reality: Ted hires a private investigator to stalk his high school prom date 10 years later and she eventually files a restraining order against him.



bridget jones

Bridget Jones’ Diary
Storyline: Bridget starts a New Year’s resolution to take control of her life and finds herself in a love triangle.
Reality: Bridget wouldn’t be living in a big apartment in central London on her wages. She would also quit her New Year’s resolution a week later and sues her boss for those inappropriate skirt emails. Also, Mark and Daniel would be facing some pretty hefty criminal damages charges…