Remember This When You’re Looking For Love

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We seem to have a completely different mind set when we’re single and loving life, compared to when we start dating again. It’s easy to forget every rational thought you’ve ever had when the idea of love comes into play. So here are a few reminders…

You’re not going to fall in love with everyone
Not everyone is compatible. But sometimes, when we really want to find love, we tell ourselves that this is the real thing. You’re single and don’t have a commitment to anyone yet, so take advantage and talk to more than one person, keeping your options open. If someone isn’t right for you, be honest with yourself and cut it off – your perfect date could be just around the corner!

Joining a dating site is normal
Around 20 million of us in UK use online dating and 80% of us know someone who’s found love on a dating site, so you’ve got some great odds! It doesn’t have to be your only way of finding a date, but it’s good to have as an option and will give you more of an idea of what you really want from someone. When your date isn’t what you expected, it’s great to know that there’s plenty more fish to choose from!

You’re still you
The best thing about being single is that we can do whatever we want; we start to find ourselves again and start focusing on what we really want to do, so don’t ruin all that hard work by being at someone’s beck and call all of a sudden. Don’t cancel your weekly movie night with your friends or skip out on your evening course for the prospect of a date; if it’s meant to be, they won’t mind waiting. We all want to find someone with their own life, independence is sexy.

Forget about the timeline
Don’t settle because you think you’re getting on a bit or all your friends are already in relationships and having babies. Fall in love when the time is right for you. So many relationships break down because they rushed into it and finally realised it wasn’t for them. Everyone is on their own journey, so follow your own path!

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Rachel is a Marketing Executive. She’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and country music. Her favourite pastime is cuddling up with her two Labradors and binge watching Netflix.

3 responses to “Remember This When You’re Looking For Love”

  1. Doug says:

    I’m just me-U B U, if we Fit Great! if not its a Thanks but no thanks! Not everybody is made for eachouther, a lot of people just don’t take into consiteration that not all R age group made it to their 60’s, most that have R already with the one they love leaving the field a lot smaller and we arnt what we was at a younger age-Time Affects Us All!

  2. marcia bell says:

    When you are looking for love you must look deeply into the eyes of the person you are with. Do you feel that warm fuzzy feeling and your heart beats a little faster? This would be the initial attraction and now it’s time to talk and learn about each other. This is what I’m looking for. Hopefully you are the guy for me and I’m the girl for you.

  3. marcia bell says:

    At this age none of us look like Barbie dolls. I hope you can look past the outside and fall for what’s in my heart. By the way I am pretty funny also.