Relight your fire – Bonfire Night Date Guide

Remember, remember¬† – to make this bonfire night sizzle by making it the perfect date opportunity! There is nothing more romantic than gazing up at the stars while cosying up to that special someone. So pop open the champagne and grab those sparklers (with gloved hands) because with our guide to dating on Bonfire Night, sparks will fly…

Set the Scene

There’s bound to be no shortage of firework displays going on where you live, all ranging in size, number of side attractions and general vibe. When planning where to go on your date, think about the atmosphere that would suit you both best. If you’re worried about awkward silences – go for a big, bustling community event. There will be so much going on there’s bound to be loads of talking points. If you’re after great conversation, go for a more low key intimate event like a ticket-only display.


Sizzling Side-shows

Whichever event you go to, there are bound to be extra activities to share apart from the main display. If you’re a pair of thrill-seekers head towards the fair- whirling upside down at 60mph is one way of star gazing… For more hands on arty/destructive couples, respect tradition and make your own ‘Guy’ to burn, just don’t get too attached to it, it will not end well…


Grilled Grub

For many of you, the fifth is all about food, and of course drink. As well as the traditional toffee apples and candy floss – you can step up the romance by toasting your own treats. For the more extravagant, nothing complements fireworks more than champagne, so pop it open and toast to many more dates to come.


Sparkling Sonnets

Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone how you feel about them. If you’re waiting for the perfect time, and the perfect way – here it is. Tell that special someone you love them by writing it in the air with a sparkler. If your date feels the same, it will be yet another romantic story to share at your wedding. If they don’t, well, how easy is it to make out what is written by a sparkler anyway? Sparklers are a fun way to connect with your inner child and your date.


Star-gazing for two

Not feeling the cold weather? It has been very foggy lately… You could always celebrate in the warmth of your own home. Nothing says winter romance like snuggling up in front of a roaring fire under a blanket – toasting marshmallows. So host your own personal Bonfire Night and create your own fireworks. Our hearts are warming already <3


Plotting anything different this Bonfire Night? Let us know how you’re celebrating!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.