Quick Tip – Smile!

Go on…say cheese!

So, you’re looking to impress at that all important first date, but before the evening progresses into longing looks across the table and whispers of sweet nothings, you know what’s coming first, that first 3-7 seconds – the assessment. They walks towards you, your heart races, your head spins, your hands are slightly sweaty – never a good look but the nerves have taken hold – and what is the first thing you do as they approaches – well you smile don’t you?

The universal signal!

The human smile is a thing of beauty and no doubt the most crucial tool in making a good first impression. It is the most recognized signal in every culture and every country across the world! It indicates happiness and friendliness, and is crucial in making your date feel safe and comfortable.

The science behind the smile…

Want to know a secret on how to make your first date feel good? When we smile we release endorphins – and what’s the natural thing to do when someone smiles at you? Smile back! Hence you are making your date smile, releasing their own endorphins and making them feel good! Trust us, it’s a winner!