Quick Ice Breakers

Sending lots of messages to different people will increase the replies you receive. But you’re a busy person, we get that, and you haven’t got time to be pouring your heart out or writing your life story to every single you like the look of, at least not for the first couple of messages. Here are some successful snappy ways to grab attention in your first messages to someone new…


You’re biggest advantage against all the competition? It’s you! You are you and they are not. So stamp your personality into your messages from the get go! Everyone goes for “Hi, how are you?” So mix it up a bit. How would you greet a close friend you haven’t seen for a while? Be different, yet still friendly and polite. Something like, “Hey Janet, how’s life in Somerset?” shows you’ve both read her profile whilst keeping casual.

Jokes On You

We all love someone who makes us laugh, so break the ice with a joke. It doesn’t have to be deep, meaningful or outstanding, even a bad joke will do. In fact, bad jokes have been proven to raise the biggest smiles, so don’t be afraid of looking foolish. Funny is attractive.

Know The Facts

Got a bit of pointless trivia to hand? Use it. “Simon, did you know that the average person walks the equivalent of 5 laps around the world during their lifetime? Where’s the strangest place you’ve been?” You’ll appear interesting and it is an easy way to continue a conversation. As long as your fact isn’t depressing or basic, you’re sure to raise a smile!

So whenever you’re free, have a browse and send a quick message. Who knows who you’ll meet?!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team