Profile Tips For Single Ladies

When it comes to online dating, women have this covered, we know what to do. But we have been known to overthink things, and we can get a bit carried away with what we write at times. Here are a few profile tips for women, just as a reminder, because we’re awesome already!

1. Photos

No matter how great your written profile is, men always look at your photos first. Men are visual creatures so definitely have photos! You don’t have to have model looks to get attention, just a friendly smile and a flattering angle.

Avoid: group photos, especially with men (even if you’re just friends – they don’t know that!)

2. Provide Bait

Men struggle with sending ice-breakers, so make yourself as easy as possible to contact. Give them a way to easily contact you in your profile. Instead of saying, “I love camping,” write, “I love camping! Ask me about that time I was almost attacked by a bear…” Provide them with an opening line and the messages will flood in!

3. Be Confident

Confidence is sexy. Using confident language makes you instantly more attractive. Instead of saying who you are hoping to meet describe your perfect man instead. If you’re picky about men, you shouldn’t show this in your profile. Be as open as you can. Even if a man reads your long list of requirements and fits all of them, he’ll still see you as negative and highly-strung.

Avoid: negative lists, words like must and only, moaning.


And above all just be your fabulous self! #GIRLPOWER

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team