Profile Tips For Men

Recent studies have revealed that men tend to rush through their dating profiles without a lot of thought, probably because we’ve got more important things to do, like painting the decking or watching the game. But being a man is no excuse for a a half-hearted profile. This is 2018. Men – here’s how it’s done.

1. Photos

First of all, definitely have them. Women want photos. We recommend having around 3 or 4. They need to be recent, (biggest bugbear for women is men using out of date photos!) They need to be just of you and they need to be taken in good, natural light.

Avoid: holding a fish, photos with other women, standing in front of a car,  folding your arms, wearing sunglasses and badly angled selfies.

2. Positivity

Are you attracted to moany women? It works both ways. Women hate negative profiles. Even if they happen to agree that the the queues for the Post Office are getting longer, they don’t find you pointing it out attractive. Reel them in with positive things like how you have a passion for golf, or how you’re really good at DIY.

Avoid: talking about exes, swearing, one word answers and usernames.

3. Be Memorable

Fact: women love to read profiles. They read a lot of them. You need to make sure yours stands out. Everyone loves the cinema, restaurants and travelling. What makes you unique? Do you have a vintage camera collection? Do you love the rain? Do you speak more than one language? Women will remember the man who once worked as a trapeze artist over that man who likes ‘going out’. Always elaborate and make it personal to you.

Avoid: anything obvious and vague, like saying you like having fun, watching films/TV, being outside etc.

4. Sound Easygoing

Describing your perfect woman is fine, but try not to be too specific or demanding about it. Women want to read your profile and get the feeling they’ve got a chance with you. You can’t afford to deter ‘the one’. Relax your preferences and always talk about your desired personality traits instead of physical ones. Saying you only date blondes makes you sound superficial and small-minded.

Avoid: talking about physical traits and using words like must and only.

Simple! Now you can get back to all your man stuff whilst the messages roll in.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team