Pouting, Prince Charming & Socrates


Yesterday we launched the 3 Dates 3 Month Challenge with 16 top UK lifestyle and dating bloggers. (If you missed it, you can find out more here.)

Our challengers have already been busy blogging about the challenge and their reasons for getting involved. We’re going to keep you up to date on their activity via the blog, our Facebook page and of course, on Twitter. So let’s get started and see what they’ve been talking about…

Lakes Single Mum

Lakes Single Mum

The nice people at Just Singles have challenged a few of us single bloggers to try and get ourselves 3 dates in the next 3 months! They appreciate it how hard it can be as a single parent to get out dating so they want us to try 3 different methods – 1 each month – to see if any of them bear fruit.

First up I will be making use of the free membership they have given us on their site. A chance to browse the selection of fellas who are looking for the right woman! There does seem to be quite a variety to chat with online and maybe meet up with.” Read more…

Single Serena


I have been keeping something from you for about a week now, and it’s a piece of really exciting news!

I have been asked to participate in a writing for the new dating website JustSingles.com! They have set several bloggers the challenge of having 3 experiences to meet dates in 3 months and seeing how they go.
One has to be using Just Singles, and the other two are my choice.Read more…



Did I ever mention that time I tried online dating?  I did?!?

OK, OK … I know I’ve talked about dating A LOT on this blog… (and my other secret dating blog that no-one knows about but I’ll tell you about if you like because it’s not really that much of a secret anymore,) but that’s because I’m a romantic at heart.  No matter how tough life has got, I have always felt in the pit of my gloriously rotund stomach, that love is waiting for me.  Somewhere.Read more…

My Potential One True Love


As a secret romantic, shhhh don’t tell everyone- yes I am a secret romantic, I always hoped that I would meet my potential one true love through that crazy little thing called ‘fate’.  A chance meeting that changes our life forever…

Like –  I am minding my own business reading a book in a coffee shop, by some Socrates chap when a hot tall man comes over to talk to me saying something like- “Wow, that Socrates book is slamming, can I take you for a date sometime so we can talk about it some more…?Read more…

That’s all for now folks!

To find out which one of these lovely ladies has bagged herself a date already, join in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #3dates3mths.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more from our bloggers!

The Just Singles Team.