Pick Your Dream Celebrity Girlfriend – Round 1

Imagine a world where no woman was unobtainable! Where you could have any woman you wanted…We would be chasing after hot celebrities all day long!

With so many to choose from it could be tricky! Have a look at our top 4 hot celebs this week, then scroll down and pick your favourite celeb girlfriend!

Megan Fox



Megan is often listed as one of the worlds most beautiful people. Showing her gritty side for roles in “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body” as well as showing off her comedy skills in “This is 40”, Megan has paved a great career beyond her stunning looks.



Does she even need an introduction? Beyonce is the pinnacle of success. She is a hard worker, a talented singer and with her stunning looks, it makes her the dream girlfriend. Having this luscious lady on your arm would certainly make you the talk of the town Рmaking all the single ladies jealous!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


This model beauty is top of many peoples dream girlfriend list. She is always dressed to perfection, not a hair out of place, and she walks with style. This leggy lady would be your perfect date for any occasion, knocking them dead with her killer looks.

Sandra Bullock


There is no doubt about it – she is a timeless beauty. We have no idea how she is still single but we would snap her up in a heartbeat. She is warm, witty and classy and we’ve fallen for her time and time again through all of her great film performances. ¬†Pick us Sandra!