Pick Your Dream Celebrity Boyfriend – Round 2

It’s time to submerse yourself once again into a world where no man is unobtainable! Where you could have any man you wanted…

Have a look at this weeks top 4 hot celebs, then scroll down and pick your favourite celeb boyfriend! Last weeks winner was Hugh Jackman, so lets see who gets this weeks vote! The choice isn’t any easier though…

Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man 3

Robert is the epitome of charisma – he just is Iron Man! He started off making a name for himself at an early age, fell of the beaten path a little and then returned to wow us all. Who doesn’t like a guy that’s a little rough around the edges? We have all swooned over him at some point, and he only seems to be getting better with age.

Ryan Gosling


Some of us have been Gosling fans since day one, the rest of us were turned by his performance in “The Notebook” ~faints~ . Yet another talented actor, he has forged his career through some gritty and comedic roles to reach top of the male acting league. Admit it, you are a little bit jealous of Eva Mendes right now!

David Beckham


Another guy that seems to get better and better with time is Mr David Beckham. Footballer/Underwear model David has always been a sporting heartthrob, with women young and old lusting after him. His family guy persona only adds to our belief that he could be the perfect celeb partner.

Jason Derulo


Jason has dominated the R n B market for the last couple of years with his smooth moves and amazing vocals. He also had the advantage of being very handsome too! This dangerous combination of attributes has meant he has reached number one in the charts and number one in our hearts!