Perfect Profile Picture

A picture can say a thousand words. This has never been more true than in online-dating. We all know that you are way more likely to receive messages and replies if you have a photo, so imagine the possibilities when you have a great photo… How do I do this I hear you ask? By following these simple guidelines to the perfect profile pic.

So you’ve taken the photo, now ask yourself:

1. Does it look like you? Honestly?

Your profile photo should be of your head and the tops of your shoulders. You should also be looking straight into the camera. This is so people can see exactly who they will be sitting opposite in that restaurant on that first date. Your profile photo is your chance at a first online impression, if you’re turning away or trying to hide your face, alarm bells ring. You look like you’re trying to hide something. Choose a recent photo – remember your main goal here is to actually meet this person. Imagine how you’d feel if that George Clooney lookalike turned out to be more George Osbourne…


2. What is your outfit saying about you?

I know you really love that sequin top or that Hawaiian shirt, but avoid anything too distracting. Yes you want to choose something that reflects your personality, but you don’t want to scare anyone off. Wear something you feel comfortable in. If you like what you’re wearing it will show in your smile- which is the greatest thing you can wear!


3. Say Cheese!

Speaking of smiles- nothing looks sexier! It’s so tempting to do the movie star pout or the moody, sultry pose. But unless you’re a celeb posing for a glossy magazine- avoid this! Studies have shown that members of the opposite sex are way more attracted to smiling people. A big cheesy grin instantly gives the impression that you are fun, happy and outgoing- without you even saying a word!


4. Location, Location, Location

Quick! Look behind you! Is that a messy bedroom we can see? Last weeks washing-up? A weird tree that looks like it’s growing from your head?! Think about the background of your photo. Check for anything that may be a clue to your bad habits. In time your new love interest will grow to love how messy you are, but leave this as a pleasant surprise- not a first impression. Try a location that doesn’t over shadow you and reflects your personality. Be the most interesting thing in the shot. Remember- you’re the star of this show!


5. Cut out the Competition

Don’t be that person who gets loads of messages and then realises all the admirers thought you were your fit friend next to you… Group photos can be great as a second or third photo as they show you are friendly and sociable. But you don’t want your friends to steal your limelight- and you don’t want to be compared to them.


So there you have it, 5 simple ways to an award winning photo. Go out there and get snapping!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team

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  1. Susan Carol Smith says:

    Be polite, show respect and be a gentleman!