Should I Buy Them A Gift?

Agonizing over whether you should buy your date a Christmas present this year? Regardless of what stage you are at – we have the answer. To gift or not to gift, that is the question…

Ask yourself:


Have you met in person at least once?

 “Once, and it went great!”

We suggest you make your next date a Christmas present. Maybe buy them a hot drink at a Christmas market?

“Not yet, but I have good feelings!”

Don’t buy them a present yet, it’s wayyy too soon, no matter how many good vibes you’re getting.

“Yes, we’ve been on a few dates and have planned more!”

Then ask yourself this…

Do you plan to spend less than a tenner?

“But you can’t get a gold ring for a tenner?!”

Stop! It’s still too soon for fancy gifts. Treat them to a meal on you instead.

“Yes, or I was going to make something…”

You’ve passed. Next question…

Are they getting you a present?

“No, they only buy gifts for family.”

Don’t get them a present, you’ll make them feel bad.

“Yes I think so!”

Go ahead and treat them to a little something nice this Christmas!


We hope that helps you decide. It’s good to know where you’re at. Sometimes spending time with your date means more than a big expensive present. And if you’re single, well, buy yourself something nice! (Just remember that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas!)

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team