New Year, New You!


The start of a new year marks the start of the rest of your life, so what better time to make some positive changes and become a brand new you for 2014. It’s good to reflect on the previous year but rather than clinging onto the things or people that weren’t making you happy, this is the time to cut your losses and move on for good. Whether it’s a job that you hate or a lingering ex, tell yourself that you do deserve to be happy and that it’s time to do something about it.

Typically, most new year’s resolutions don’t see the end of January, but this year, why not set yourself realistic and achievable goals as a way of making the changes you want to make. If you’ve decided to get fit but have always hated going to the gym, don’t punish yourself by signing up for an expensive gym membership that you know you’ll never use. Instead, find something that you like doing and you know you’ll stick at.

If your main goal this year is to meet someone special, this is the perfect time to tweak your online dating profile. Give your profile a new year makeover and rewrite your profile text to make sure that it’s reflecting the new you and what you’re currently looking for. You could also add more recent photos to get the interest really flowing among those fellow online daters. Also, make sure that you’re making the most of your profile by filling in all of the sections about yourself. Remember, your profile and photos are your chance to tell everyone about yourself, before you’ve even said anything at all.

If you’ve never been brave enough to make the first move, now’s the time to change that. When it comes to online dating you really do have nothing to lose by sending out the first message to introduce yourself. Think about it, what’s the worst that could happen? If you see someone you like the look of, don’t wait around for them to message you, 2014 is about seizing the moment!

Make 2014 your YES year. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way and try to say “yes” more often than you say “no”. If you’ve never been much of a risk taker, think about ways in which you could be more spontaneous this year. Take a chance and go on that date that you weren’t sure about before. Just by taking more risks and agreeing to do things that the old you wouldn’t have done, you’ll discover a whole new side to yourself, and also have a lot more fun! You never know what life changing experience could be waiting to happen, if you just let it.

While we’re on the subject of taking more risks, this year try considering people that you may not have considered previously. When you’re online dating, it’s inevitable that you’ll receive messages from other members that you may not consider to be “your type.” Unless you’re absolutely sure that you and the message sender have no future together, try not to rule them out too soon. Their first message may not give much away, but remember that there could be much more to this person than meets the eye. You never know, they could turn out to be your perfect match!

Just by making a few changes to your life and the way you live it, you could easily make 2014 your best year yet. So R.I.P to the old you and here’s to a fantastic 2014. Happy new year!

Have you made any resolutions for 2014? We’d love to hear them!

The Just Singles Team.

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Emma is a Customer Care Executive. She has a degree in Fashion Studies, which she completed at Bournemouth Arts University. She has a love for vintage markets and likes to spend her summers going to music festivals and partying in Ibiza.

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  1. Graham Kerr says:

    Hi today you are showing me a big red sighn saying that I need to change my e/mail address,WHY,whats happened

    • justsingles says:

      Hi Graham,

      Please contact our Customer Care Team on [email protected]. They will be able to look into this for you.

      Have a great day,

      The Just Singles Team.

  2. sally says:

    Hi Emma ! What a wonderful surprise that this (Just Retired Singles) exist . It’s a God send . . . like a gift from above to me. Yes, I really wanted to start my year right to meet my special someone who will love ,trust and respect me. But please help me . . . I have a lot of photos in my Facebook but not in my computer as such. Do you think I can get some from my Fb profile ? I really want to enhance my one in your JustSingles. Thank you so much Emma..

    • justsingles says:

      Hi Sally,

      We’re so pleased you’re enjoying the site!

      You can indeed upload photos from your Facebook profile. Send an email to our Customer Care Team on [email protected] and they’ll be able to talk you through how to do it.

      Have a great day,

      The Just Singles Team.

  3. jessical says:

    My name is jessy I’m 28yrs single no kids never been Married..I was Born and Raise Up from indiana Usa..
    I like dancing to the oldies or country music, walking on the beach & boardwalk, going to the theatre,traveling, roller coasters, horseback riding, dining in or out, or just working
    around the house. I am one man’s woman. I take pride in being faithful to the man in my life and expect the same in that man. Life is short, and there is nothing greater than being with that special person, when one is lucky enough to find that special person.

  4. ray says:

    its says my e mail is invalid it is not please help