New Year Dating Resolutions

It’s day 1 of 2019, which means it’s the first day of the new you. We all make the usual New Year’s resolutions: eat healthily, do more exercise and/or give up smoking. But now’s the best time to set dating goals too. Here’s some inspiration…

Put Your Best Photo Forward

Your photos are the key to your success, so take a look at them. Start 2019 with clear, smiley photos of you that make you feel confident about yourself. Make sure they are up to date too, to avoid any awkward dates.

Become A Regular

Logging in regularly will guarantee to get you noticed, plus you’ll never miss a thing. Every time you log in people are notified, drawing them to your profile. Try setting a time each day to log in and have a look around the site. Fitting online dating into your routine will help you to stay positive and make more progress.

Date Outside The Box

We all have out types, at least who think are our types. But try and make 2019 the year when you contact different people, from different walks of life. You might just surprise yourself! A lot of our success stories have started with someone saying, “They were not my usual type, but…” Make the most of the diversity of JustSingles

Have Fun

Dating should be fun, so choose to take the stress out of the process this year. Try and see dating as a hobby rather than a serious venture. If you set yourself a strict deadline or a solid goal then you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.  Instead, be positive and just see where the journey takes you, without having any expectations.

Treat this as the first day of the rest of your dating life. Go forth and be the greatest dater you can be. We’ve got a feeling this is going to be your year!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team