Need Some Diary Inspiration…?

Diaries are a really popular feature on JustSingles. You can spend hours scrolling through and reading about what other people have been up to. If you’ve not written your own yet, here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Note: To write a diary entry go to “Diaries” then click “Write Diary Entry”. You’ll need to be using the desktop version of the site but you can do this from a mobile device by going to “Account”, then “Switch to Desktop”.

Tell a joke

They say laughter is the language of the soul. There are very few people who don’t like to laugh so this is a perfect conversation starter! Post your best (or worst) jokes as diary entries and other members can reply to you directly.

Write about your weekend

Did you have a particularly exciting weekend? Do you have an exciting one in the pipeline? Share your experiences in your diary. This is a great way of showing your human side as it’s easy to forget that every profile you read and every photo you see has a person at the other end.

Tell a funny story

Like telling jokes, making people laugh is a great way to get them to contact you. This could be anything from a funny first date to something that happened at the supermarket recently. Just be sure not to mention any other members of the site!

What you’re looking for

Although your profile text should do the talking, writing about what you’re looking for and linking it to something you’re writing about already is a great idea for a diary entry. As an example, you may write “I went for a nice walk this weekend. Now the weather is getting nicer it would be lovely to have someone to share my afternoon strolls with”. Try different things and see what works for you.

What not to do…

You should never include contact details in your diary entry. You can share your contact details in a private message but make sure you feel completely comfortable with the person you are speaking to before doing so. We also ask you not to mention other members of the site and to refrain from posting anything rude or potentially upsetting.

There are almost countless things you can write about in your diary entry but feel free to steal a few of our ideas if you’re struggling. Head to JustSingles now and get writing!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team