Meeting The Family This Christmas


You know you’ve really struck gold when the person you’ve been seeing invites you to celebrate the Christmas holidays with them, but that usually involves one other thing – their family. You have every right to be nervous and it is a big deal, especially if they’re all quite a close-knit bunch. Luckily, Just Singles is here to help you get prepared…

Don’t be late
First impressions are everything! So turning up late the first time you meet them could come across as disrespectful. Call or text if you know that you’re going to be running late so they can start the festivities without you.

Don’t turn up empty handed
You don’t know them yet, so there’s no need to go all out on an extravagant gift; they won’t expect one. It’s more about the thought than spending lots of money. A bottle of wine, flowers or some overpriced chocolates are all appropriate and safe options.

Be prepared
Psych yourself up for going into the home of someone you’ve never met. Figure out how you’re going to introduce yourself; are you going to shake hands or go for the awkward hug? Make sure you know the names of the important family members and remember to say hello to everyone!

Drink slowly
If you know you get a little bit tipsy from one glass of wine, it’s best to water your drink down or avoid alcohol altogether for one night. Know your limits to avoid being the date they brought home who passed out in their pudding.

Put your phone away
You don’t want to give the impression that you’d rather be somewhere else (even if you would!), put the phone away for a few hours so you can engage properly in conversation. If you really can’t live without it, excuse yourself every so often to nip to the toilet so you can check it.

Offer to help
Pop into the kitchen at least once to check on the chef and ask if there’s anything you can help with, and do the same after dinner. It will leave them with a good impression of you and you can bond over the washing up!

Ask questions
Make sure the conversation goes both ways so you seem genuinely interested in the person you’re chatting to. Ask lots of questions about family/jobs/hobbies etc. but avoid anything too heavy for now.


Remember, it’s always important to be yourself, but where the other half’s family is concerned, it’s even more important to come across as an astounding individual with first class manners!

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The Just Singles Team.

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