Meet The New #3dates3mths Challenger…


Last week we introduced you to new girl Cocktails in Teacups. Well, this week we’re excited to announce that we have yet another new challenger! Allow us to introduce Hannah, otherwise known as…


The Diary Of A Poor Girl

I’m Hannah, writer of ‘Student Life’ and pretty bloomin’ proud of it!

I’d like to consider myself the brunette, slightly cuddlier equivalent of Bridget Jones. The woes, the wine and the Daniel Cleavers. I often enjoy blogging about my hormones, love of carbs and men in the hope all women will unite, tell me I’m not alone and promise to take me out for cocktails.

During the hours of which I am not confessing my undying love for Bridget, I study Law and Human Rights at university. I also spend my weekends working in retail.. for the fun, experience and pennies. Although mostly for the pennies.

I’m a hoot.. and lovable. Or so I like to tell myself!

3 ways of finding a date:
Girls night out at a fancy cocktail bar
Talks/Seminars at University – They have random speakers come in all the time to talk about issues which students with interests in those fields always attend. Maybe if I start attending the brain box ones I’ll meet myself an Einstein!

We can’t wait to see how Hannah gets on! You can keep up to date with Hannah’s dating escapades by using the #3dates3mths hashtag, or by following her on Twitter!

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.

2 responses to “Meet The New #3dates3mths Challenger…”

  1. sandy says:

    hi my name is Sandra I am joining the dating site just singles for the first time I ‘ve tried other dating sites but haven’t had any success but I may not be the prettiest person on earth but its what is on the inside not on the outside and to be accepted for who I’ am . I am not somebody to be taken granted for or used in anyway. All I want is to be loved by someone and take me for who I am . I feel I have the right to have some peace and love .

    • Just Singles says:

      Well said Sandy! Welcome to the Just Singles family!

      If there’s anything we can do for you, just let us know!

      The Just Singles Team.