Making A Long Distance Relationship Work


Being miles and miles apart from your partner isn’t anyone’s ideal relationship, but you can’t help who you fall in love with! Here are some top tips on how to keep the spark alive and make your LDR work…

Mail them letters and little presents every now and then

Stay busy when they’re not around

Don’t spend all your spare time locked in your room talking to them

Send each other fun selfies during the week

Tell them you miss them

Set a date for your next visit before you leave each other again

Stay honest and open with each other

Make surprise trips every now and again

Always plan what you’re going to do on your visits BEFOREHAND so you don’t waste time

Invest in a webcam and video call often

Video call with friends and family so they can get to know each other

Learn to trust each other – beware of jealousy

Do boring, everyday things together when you visit for a bit of normality

Set a goal and talk about where the relationship is going!

Pursue common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart

Don’t listen to negative people – it’s your life

About the author…


Rachel is an Email Marketing Executive. She’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and country music. Her favourite pastime is cuddling up with her two Labradors and binge watching Netflix.